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Applescript email attachments

Applescript email attachments

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You are mixing up the file name and the file path - the file name property of the attachment is the file to attach. You should also log any errors in. set theAttachmentFile to "Macintosh HD:Users:moligaloo:Downloads:attachment. pdf" -- the attachment path. set msg to make new outgoing message with. 17 Jul Alternatively you can save only attachments from a specific person, or simply save all the attachments sent to your email address. Once you have set up your conditions, choose “Run AppleScript” from the perform actions drop-down menu, and click the “Choose” button to select the script you saved earlier.

I am very new to applescript, and i am trying to create an email, and add make new attachment with properties {file name:theAttachment} at. In the make new to recipient line of code, change the values of {name:"John Doe", address:"[email protected]"} to your name and email address for testing purposes. Note that after selecting the attachment, the script will compose the email, attach the file, and send it. Hi all OSX The script below - in a previous version successfully saved all attachments from the emails in this (example) Mail folder. tell.

12 Sep Here is some code that is useful for sending batch emails with Mac Mail to recipients using information stored in a text file. This also enables. 17 Mar Having generated a pdf of the report I use Hazel and AppleScript to attach the pdf to an email and send it. Furthermore, I send myself an email. Hi all, I'm working on an applescript to work as the end part of a Filemaker Pro An attachment in Mail is an object, so you have to create one. I've been running this script for a few years now but again it's broken in Sierra. It seams like each time Apple updates the OS they break this. 14 Feb This AppleScript will ask you to input an email address, then it will send a specified attachment and message to that particular email address.

Hi again! So I'm trying to create a javascript to send multiple attachments ( maximum of 7 attachments) using javascript. I've done some. 24 Dec (& ) killed save Mail attachments thru AppleScript. As always, it would be useful to file others reports so that the. 25 May and the email address of the person whose attachments you want to Mail and tagged applescript, attachments, folder actions, Mail, print. Mail appears to have changed its interface for sending messages. Basically, Mail does not send attachments via AppleScript without a long.


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